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We appreciate your interest in our great party and hope you will find our website useful and informative. It contains a great deal of information on our party, our goals/objectives, vision, mission, strategy, mandates and values. Chairman APCSA - Hon Bola Babarinde.


To deepen democracy through the promotion of good governance, democratic governance and social justice.


A society where all Nigerians lives in harmony, mutual trust and with a common goal of making Nigeria a respected nation in the comity of Nations. A nation that we will be proud to call our own.


We will accomplish our Mission and Vision by (1) promotion of our party manifesto, (2) increased awareness to Nigerian communities in Diaspora using modern communication platforms and (3) encouragement of our people to participate effectively in governance to bring about Nigeria of our dream.


Accountability, transparency and efficiency. We believe in active citizenry and know that distance is not a barrier. Nigerians anywhere should make fully-informed political decisions and active participation, including voting by all citizens irrespective of where you live in the world, corruption should be seen as abomination and cancer that should not be tolerated.

APC South Africa Chapter

APC South Africa is open to all Nigerians living in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana as members with equal status within the party structure. The cardinal principle is to promote APC programmes and achievements also make our own contributions to make Nigeria a better place for all her people.

APC South Africa chapter provides to Nigerians living in South Africa and neighboring States, useful information from the party to help them participate in the Nigerian political process. Currently, the APC South Africa head office is resident in Waverley Area of Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa

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War Against Corruption & National Orientation

APC in Government shall muster the political will to wage strident War against Corruption; otherwise our post-oil-economy will be disastrous. It is our considered view that none of our cardinal programs will succeed if the current level of corruption and looting going on in the land is allowed to continue.

  • We shall strengthen and make independent the EFCC, ICPC and other Anti-graft agencies and repeal the laws which inhibit their independence.
  • We shall embark on public sensitization campaign and civic education against corruption in schools and town halls.
  • Shall encourage Civil Society Organizations, Advocacy groups and Whistle-Blowers in the anti-graft vanguard.
  • We shall stop the corruption of our electoral process by making the Independent National and State Electoral Commissions (INEC) truly independent.
  • We shall establish Special Courts for corruption, after due and thorough review of the penal code.
  • To actualize this we shall make the appointment of the chairman and top officials of National and State Electoral Commissions Public as enunciated in the Uwais Electoral Reform Report. On all election matters, the Burden.

APC Eight Guiding Philosophy

Every generation has a historic responsibility. The generation before ours worked hard for our country to be free. The task before our own generation is for us to build on the achievements of our heroes past, and bequeath an enduring legacy for future generations.!

  • War Against Corruption
  • Food Security
  • Accelerated Power Supply
  • Integrated Transport Network
  • Free Education
  • Devolution of Power
  • Accelerated Economic Growth
  • Affordable Health Care


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"Corruption should be seen as abomination and should not be tolerated"

Chairman APCSA - Hon Bola Babarinde.

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